caryn di

I make things.

  • I get things done.

    Because I like to be good at everything I do, I'll work until the job has been done to the best of my ability. I've figured out how I work best so I can always be ready to tackle the job on hand strategically and efficiently.

  • I am organized.

    To do lists? Done. Spreadsheets? Filled out. Notes? Already filed. I'm good at keeping track of things so I know what needs to be done, when, and I don't let things fall through the cracks.

  • I am curious.

    The most important thing I learned in school was how to learn, and it's something I use every day. I don't come to work just to punch a clock, I treat each day as a chance to learn and improve my craft.

  • I am flexible.

    Sometimes the job goes beyond the description, and I see those moments as a chance to prove myself. I'm there to finish a job no matter what it takes, even if it means switching departments halfway through a shoot. If you need it,I can do it.

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Credits & Work Experience

Part-Time Producer's Assistant (Proven Entertainment) - June 2016 to current

- Schedule calls and appointments
- Meet with clients
- Assist in content distribution

Production Assistant/Grip at "The Architect," (Virtual Reality Commercial) - June 2016

- Lit for white cyc and green screen
- Rigged scaffolding
- Shopped for crafty

Production Assistant at "365 by Whole Foods," (Product Photoshoot) - May and June 2016

- Gathered products from list
- Set and rotated products for photography
- Logged finished products in spreadsheet

Production Assistant at "Midnight in her Eyes," (Short Film) - May 2016

- Assisted Camera
- Dressed sets and checkd continuity
- Made runs

Grip at "Satisfaction Guaranteed," (AFI Thesis Film) - May 2016

- Blacked out windows and doorways
- Rigged lighting inside and outside house
- Helped organize gear at wrap

Second Assistant Director at "Love Story of a Cook," (UCLA Student Webseries) - May 2016

- Wrangled talent
- Boom op
- Maintained crafty

Production Assistant at "Rose," (NYFA Thesis Film) - May 2016

- Shopped for crafty
- Made runs
- Transported crew and great

Grip at "Fear Itself," (Feature Film) - Apr. 2016

- Worked with Arri, Kino, and Par lights
- Set up day for night lighting
- Helped set up distro

Assistant Director at "Daddy's Gun," (Music Video) - Apr. 2016

- Kept shoot running on time
- Made and sent call sheets
- Wrangled talent

Production Assistant at "Silent Seconds," (Feature Film) - Apr. 2016

- Assisted g&e, camera
- Administered paperwork
- Made runs

G&E Swing at "Grams," (AFI student film) - Apr. 2016

- Set up lighting in house, warehouse, and outdoor spaces
- Helped set up distro
- Worked with a variety of HMIs, LEDs, and Kino Flo.

Production Assistant/Grip at "The Sound of Silence," (VR Music Video) - Apr. 2016

- Set up scaffolding and rigged indoor lighting
- Set up and helped light a green screen
- Kept crafty running

Production Assistant at "Grim," (NYFA thesis film) - Apr. 2016

- Made runs
- Assisted G&E
- Helped make props and dress sets

Best Boy Grip at "Mr. & Mrs. Kim," (AFI thesis film) - Apr. 2016

- Set up lighting inside and outside
- Set up/broke down dolly
- Organized wrap

Production Assistant/Art Department Assistant at "Hardly Easlie," (film trailer/EPK) - Mar. 2016

- Shopped for crafty and made runs
- Dressed and demolished sets
- Transported and wrangled talent

Production Assistant at "The Norwalk Witness," (short film) - Mar. 2016

- Prepared sides
- Assisted with paperwork
- Helped with crafty

Production Assistant/G&E Swing at "Rocks," (AFI student film) - Mar. 2016

- Set up and broke down G&E equpiment
- Ran supplies between set and basecamp
- Wrangled talent

Production Assistant at "Throwaway," (UCLA student film) - Mar. 2016

- Assisted G&E
- Kept crafty running
- Wrangled talent

Production Assistant at "Untitled AFI Cycle Film," (AFI student film) - Feb. 2016

- Organized crafty
- Assisted G&E
- Assisted art department

Production Assistant at "All About Manos," (web video) - Feb. 2016

- Set up crafty
- Filled in for G&E
- Made runs

Production Assistant at "Like Me," (YouTube pilot) - Feb. 2016

- Assisted with G&E
- Helped set up crafty

Bank Teller at Stockman Bank of Montana, 2013 - 2015

- Cash control
- Trained new employees
- Built relationships with customers


The University of Texas at Dallas, 2011 – 2015
B.A. in Emerging Media and Communications / Literary Studies
Minor in Gender Studies
GPA 3.94/4.00

Summa Cum Laude – Collegium V Honors– Major Honors – Phi Kappa Phi Inductee
For school projects, see my portfolio



Call sheets - Paperwork - Preparing Sides - Cash Handling - Crafty Shopping - Talent Wrangling

Adobe Suite

Photoshop - Premiere Pro - InDesign - Illustrator


Word – PowerPoint – Excel


HTML5 - CSS3 – Javascript

+ More

Wordpress – Social Media

Community Involvement

Field Instructor, Bozeman High School Marching Band, 2015

Community Member, UT Dallas Wind Ensemble, Pep Band, and Clarinet Quintet, 2011 - 2015