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The Project:

Over two weeks, a partner and I drafted a concept for a telematic art project. We prototyped The Wall, a public canvas that allows people to create digital artworks or interact with the works of others through an app. Made using Photoshop CS 5.5, Spring 2015.


When imagining this project, my partner and I discussed how social media use can lead us to censor ourselves for fear of being judged for what we post online. We wanted a place that allowed people to connect creatively with others sans judgement. Thus, The Wall would allow people to remain anonymous or attach their names to their contributions as they saw fit. Anyone with the app and a bluetooth connection could create and add photo, video, sound, text, or digital drawings to the wall. You wouldn't have to make things to participate, though—bystanders would have the ability to add comments, draw connections between pieces, and vote for their favorites (and least favorites).

The Wall would allow us all to interact and connect with one another by providing a certain theme, question, or idea for participants to respond to. Of course, a variety of interpretations would find their way onto the Wall, sparking discussion and also giving participants more ownership of their public spaces. Walls can be viewed from anywhere, but users can only interact via bluetooth at the location. We imagined these Walls as interactive public murals that are constantly changing. Because they use digital technologies, though, no one's contribution would get painted over. Once something is posted to a Wall, it would stay there as long as the Wall did.

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